Ultimate Guide on WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 has rocked the world with exciting new features, helping the writers in managing their data. WordPress has captured 30% of the internet market as compared to the other site. They have launched a releasing note of new version 5.0. Now they have launched the new version of WordPress 5.0 on 6th December 2018 within a small period of time. If we talk about WordPress, it was nothing in 2003. They are having very few users, now you can’t imagine their success reached to millions of users on a regular day.

Help on WordPress

Now a day’s people are looking for developers for helping them in WordPress. Now you are going to amazed that there is a wide range of experts, who can help you out and solve any kind of problem within some seconds. People are hiring several freelancers from different sites for their problem-solving. At last, they have to face the other problems like low-quality coding used by them, problem of communication with them, issue of copping the material etc. there are some new buddies also just waste your time and at last give an excuse with some odd reason. If you really want to hire then take the WordPress help from an expert.

What’s all new?

There are several features which are coming new.  On the other hand, some people are expecting that there must be some same features with a revised edition of 5.0 But WordPress have denied the expectation of revised edition. Some features of WordPress version 5.0 are explained below.

1.    Gutenberg editor and plug-in

Gutenberg editor is named on the behalf of Johannes Gutenberg who was a famous editor working for WordPress. Gutenberg is famous for creating a moveable-type printing press. So as Gutenberg has provided the advancement to the world, same the company has advanced the features of editing in it. Like before there is need of high-level coding and HTML in this edition of Gutenberg editor they have replaced there is need of very shortcodes and HTML for making things work. The goal of the company is to make it so simple so that it can be done by a new user of WordPress.

2.    Security Updates

Security updates are there by WordPress team as like before they are making safer and safer day by day. As it is very harmful to some customers, people who are having their business accounts in it. There is such a big loss even you can’t imagine if a person gets his website hacked. For the prevention of hacking of WordPress account, they have done SSL certification for the hosting website, two-factor authentication and application password.

3.    Front-end editor

Front-end editor is an advanced feature which helps you in composing visuals right on the output page. It is like you are using a touchscreen or a mobile phone. This feature is already there in WordPress but now the team WordPress has updated it with front-end editing plug-in. With comparison to other visual composers, the video composer plug-in created by WordPress is so fast and lighter in use. It does not mean it is so much lighter after all its visual composer and you know very well how visual composers do work. Lighter means that it contains less function as compared to others. It is inherited from Customizers frame-work.

4.    Optimization on mobile phones

WordPress authority is improving his optimizations on a regular basis so the users can experience the desktop on their mobile phones exactly the same. Even they are trying to improve their optimization at that stage, you can work on mobile phones as same as the desktops or laptops. That’s why there is a big response to WordPress themes.

5.    Cropping of background images

in the previous version of WordPress, it was only possible to change the background of the website and it was obviously a boring process. cropping of background image was done manually and then it was reloaded to the library and again the selection of the image is done. But now in WordPress 5.0, you can easily crop the background image. With this, it can be seen that WordPress has prepared itself for a big evolution this time.

6. Building custom themes become easier.

by taking to the older version into consideration, you require a simple development background so that you can put together a WordPress theme. But with Guttenberg, you can create the theme easily and it has become more accessible with the help of blocks.

 Compatibility of new WordPress with Themes and Plugins

The latest WordPress 5.0 has brought an immense change in how a user can build their own content using WordPress. This was under continuous development from some time and developers because of this got sufficient for the testing of the product and compatibility is added for the newly developed editor. Some of the noteworthy WordPress plugins including WinForms and Yoast SEO have also shown compatibility with the new WordPress and the new editor.

Moreover, many good WordPress theme shops also made their themes compatible with WordPress 5.0. but if you are facing any kind of problem related to the working of plugin or any theme on your website, you can simply ask the developer of the plugin to update it.

Unfortunately, if you did not get any help from the plugin or him a developer you can simply disable the plugin on a temporary basis and try to find an alternative.

With the help of this article, you can easily get to know about WordPress 5.0 update. And the latest features introduced in WordPress 5.0 are user-friendly so you will not face any problem in using the new WordPress and the New editor.

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