7 Tricky SEO Strategies you must know

In today’s generation, online businesses are doing really well. However, just targeting your audience online is not enough. You could maintain different types of professionalism in the business and it would not be complete until SEO techniques and strategies are used tactfully. So what tactics are useful? What should you use on your website? We will be discussing all of that in today’s post. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Have a good visual representation

To have a good visual representation, you could document it in depth and create some SEO strategies that are easy to follow. You should have goals in mind, have tasks attached to the goals, a few tasks have to come before the others etc. More importantly, make sure your presentation is good enough to present your client or the people who are viewing. You should also show which task is being assigned to whom, what kind of tasks need to follow at first and which of them are in progress.

  1. Formatting the posts is important

In order to improve the readability of your page, you need to format your post. Here are some 3 SEO tactics you can do to make that happen:

Let the paragraphs be shorter

Limit all your paragraphs to at least 2 to 3 sentences. Don’t make them very long. You can use one sentence paragraphs as well but make sure they are on your post surprisingly. You could also add them in bullet points to make them more readable to the viewers.

Sentences should be shorter

Let your sentences be as short as you can make it. Long sentences are not easy to follow on the screen. When it is possible, use longer break sentences into sentences that are short. You can also add multiple sentences if you like.


A lot of people don’t just read stuff on the internet. They like it scans them. So you can make things simple and easy for them by using information that is clear and informative. Use some subheaders to help your readers go down a page. The readers should be able to scan the post and understand what it is about.

Bullet points

Often we tend to write articles that have an endless date, facts, and ideas. You can make things easy for yourself by enlisting bullet points.

  1. A bucket brigade is good

One of the most useful copywriting methods that will capture the interest of the reader and keep you all on the page at the same is a bucket brigade. It involves you simply breaking one idea into many sentences by using a trigger word or even phrase.

  1. Improve the speed of the website

The speed of the website matters a lot. So make sure your website is easy to launch within the first 3 seconds or the people will simply lose interest with what you have to offer. You should also work towards improving the speed of the website and not just the conversions and the rankings.

  1. Browser caching is useful

Caching is helpful if you want to use it as an SEO strategy. For most WordPress websites, it is easy to install caching. WP Super Cache is easily available for installation. For those who aren’t WordPress websites, you can change the .htaccess files. You can follow the instructions by doing this.

  1. Write what piques others curiosity

You should always write posts and articles that will connect with people. Don’t write about stuff that is backdated. When you are writing, give them something that other average people cannot. The services you provide should be unique and the knowledge shared shouldn’t be easily available to others. Also, remember that you are not trying to write content that will tap them on the shoulder and make them think again. You are giving them information that is so useful that will make their hair jump. That is what makes you stand apart from the rest!

  1. Use the keywords usefully

When you are posting content on the website, you must take time to ensure God is taking good notice. Find out what kind of phrases and keywords people are looking at and create a spreadsheet on the basis of that. See how many times you need the keywords and the tools. Those who use SEMrush are highly impressed with the services. If you think that will benefit you too.

Make sure to use all of these tips while building your website. Also, we would love to hear from you. So make sure to let us know what SEO strategies and techniques you are making use of in 2018. Or if you need some help with your SEO services, do feel free to contact our SEO company. We are here to help. On that note, good luck!

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