The top social media strategies revealed of top companies

You might be wondering how the top and big companies like Cocoa cola, Airbnb and a list of others were able to occupy a top position. These companies follow a unique set of business growth strategies that have fetched them great success in their respective fields.

Studies show that the business that has a good strategy is helpful in winning hearts than the ones that don’t. So all you need is a perfect plan and a mind-blowing strategy. This will help you to grab the fruit of success.  As a matter of fact, most companies use social media to win the fruit.

Below are some of the companies which have perfected the strategy of social media marketing.

Hopefully, you might gain some inspiration and implement some of these techniques in your business as well.


Airbnb is a company that knows how to play well with social media sites. Since it’s the establishment in 2008 it has spread its wings in about 34000 cities. It has deeply affected the way we see travelling.

By means of developing tutorials for travellers and hosts, it has gained a lot of followers. The two famous campaigns which have fetched a lot of traffic includes

  • # live their campaign and
  • # one less strange

It has established a connecting link between the host and traveller, by providing a platform to people to tell their part of the story. During 2015 it had a 13.3 million follower interaction in its page.


Nike has taken social media to tell “stories”. Yes, you heard it right. Nike comes up with a unique story every time to promote its newly launched product. They upload photos and videos that indirectly promote their products and their brand. They try to stimulate and aspire people through their ads. A few among such inspiring adds include,

  • Nike phenomenal shot –  partnered with Google during the FIFA 2014
  • Nike’s original YouTube series “Lily and Margot” – it crossed over 80 million views.
  • They maintain a separate twitter account for each brand and constantly innovate in their campaigns.


The moment we see red and white, we would identify that it is coca cola. On an average Coca-Cola spends about $ 4.3 million on marketing alone. Coca-Cola‘s “Move to the best” was a campaign launched with an intention to connect it with the 2012 London Olympics. This campaign was a massive success. It instantly hit about 25 million video views. Above all, “share a coke” was one the best campaigns that got them a 7% increase in sales. Some of their other successful campaigns include,

  • # that’s gold – featured Nathan Adrian and Jodie Williams.
  • Taste the feeling
  • The ahh effect
  • We do

Dollar shave club

Dollar shave club took over the market by providing good and creative videos. YouTube was the place where they actually started. Their first ad “our blades are f******g great” brought them about 23 million views and a tremendous increase in sales.

Another important strategy which they implemented was when a customer shares pictures or videos about the DSC experience they retweeted. This brought about 2.8 million likes and proved to be an excellent idea.

Star bucks

Founded in 1971 it used social media marketing as a means to re-establish it reign after a major fall in 2008. Star bucks know how to use the hashtag culture just right. Similar to Dollar Shave Club it retweeted and reposted the ones used by its fans.

Star bucks also bagged the best “social media marketing company” in 2010. It has more than 15 million fan followers in its social media accounts. They combined society, welfare, and social media to boost their sales. A few among its historical campaigns include,

  • #blizzard
  • #treat receipt
  • #tweet-a-coffee.


The moment we think about pizza out of several ideas that pop in our mind domino’s happens to be one among them. Such is the image created by them. One of the main reasons for the great consumer reach is social media marketing.

Domino’s is now among the top companies that rule over social media with annual revenue of approximately $ 624 million. It also used emoji as a key ingredient in its campaigns. Some among its life-changing ads and campaigns include,

  • Master pizzas – it is a live auction which fetched them a great consumer interaction and increased followers.
  • Pizza turns around – this was indeed a risky move. But this made the brand a trustworthy one among the consumers.
  • Lost for words – one of its famous campaigns till date.

So we can very clearly understand that a lot of companies or organization has focused on local problems. They added innovation and spiced it up with creativity even in the smallest of things. They have taken silly issues around them as a trump card. They played well with the mindset of people with a perfect plan and idea. They understood the situation and took advantage of it.

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