Tricky reasons why you should never drink water standing up

I am pretty sure that everyone will be well aware of the fact that about 70% of the body is made of water. Water is an important element in our lives. But do you know that the way you drink water has a lot to do with your health and body?

Yes, there is a lot of science and logic involved in the posture you choose while intaking water. This is what that makes water drinking posture as something you should concentrate on and be concerned about. It is considered to be an art and must be done as per its mandate requirements.

Then how should you drink water?

You should always consider sitting in the right position when you are drinking water. It makes your body and nerves get relaxed and ensuring its traveling process through our body is smooth. Take small sips of water and avoid gulping water.

A few among the many side effects which can pop up if you fail to drink water in the correct posture are briefly listed below,

Your kidneys might be affected

It is a fact that if you are not able to drink water in the correct position it will affect your kidneys. The water you drink while standing will be directed into your bladder. It won’t get properly filtered by the kidneys. This will cause unfiltered waste to get mixed with our blood and causes a number of problems. It slowly damages your kidney. If this is not brought into attention it can cause kidney failure and a list of other complications in the long run. Infection of the urethra and other kidney related diseases can also be invited into your body.

It affects your nerves also

While you are sitting your nerves are calm and relaxed. While you are standing your body enters into fight mode. This causes the nerves to alert and tense. On the other hand, sitting makes the parasympathetic system to work. This makes our nerves to calm down as a result of which our digestion process happens smoothly. This is why people advise us to sit and eat or drink.

Acid levels will be affected

Water is extremely useful in diluting acid levels. Water is neither acidic nor alkaline in nature. It gets mixed with your acids and makes sure that they are in correct proportion. So sitting and consuming water makes sure that this process happens without any interruption as such.

The risk of Indigestion increases

A lot of people irrespective of the age claim that they have a lot of problems with respect to the digestion. While we are sitting our body sends a message to the stomach to quickly digest the food or water we have taken. But this does not happen when we are standing. Adding to this a lot of issues related to indigestion takes place.

Be aware you might get arthritis

A lot of people complain about having arthritis. This might be because of your wrong habits of consuming water. As a matter of fact the chances of getting arthritis increases if you don’t drink water in the right position. A wrong posture while drinking water will affect the fluid balance in the body. So your knee may not get the right fluid giving a thumbs up to arthritis. It will cause the fluids to get accumulated in the joints. Hence causing other knee related problems or issues.

Even your lungs may be affected

You might be shocked to know that it affects the lungs also. That is your mind pipe might run short of oxygen if you were to drink water fastly without having it in small sips. If this is going to continue then you will have to face a lot of health issues. Heart and lung disease will also be a result of wrong drinking habits.

Good drinking habits help you to lose weight

Water helps in reducing your weight. It increased the metabolism activities causing you to reduce lose weight. However, it totally depends on body weight and other factors. But still, it is extremely helpful in making the process of burning calories faster. Addition of lemon, mint leaves, and other elements are also extremely good for your health. A study which was conducted in 2014 proved this. Around 12 people who drank water reduced nearly 2 to 3 percent of calories. So everyone who is hoping to reduce their weight can go in for water as support.

It won’t help in quenching your thirst

While you stand and drink water you will not be able to fulfill the purpose for which you are drinking water, i.e you want to have your thirst needs met. This is mainly because of your body failing to get all the nutrients absorbed. The next thing is you will also disturb your oxygen levels.

Let’s see what Ayurveda has to say about?

Even Ayurveda has a lot to say about this. According to Ayurveda when you are drinking water while standing the water directly travels into your stomach. The excessive pressure on the stomach walls can damage the stomach. Another important effect which it creates is your stomach fails to absorb the nutrients present in the water. If this is going to continue it will cause a number of health issues which will affect your digestion process. So this why sitting is considered to be the ideal posture for drinking water.

Ayurveda also claims that you should drink enough water a day. At least 8 glasses of water are required to maintain a healthy brain and body. Apart from this it also helps you to stay hydrated and alert. Thus, you can carry on with your day with much enthusiasm.

Sitting and taking water makes sure that water travels through the path designed for it. Also, make sure you don’t slouch and sit erect while drinking water. This also reduces the side effects that arise in the long run. It helps you to clean your body and remove all the toxins which have been accumulated in your body. As a result of which you can enjoy maximum health benefits and make sure your body and brain remain alert all day. So that you can face all your day’s task effectively.

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Water has a lot to give you. Some of the health benefits which you can get as a result of drinking water are,

  • A lot of you might have headaches. Water can help you in treating and preventing headaches. When your body has been dehydrated it might cause headaches and migraines. So drinking water will help you to reduce those.
  • It is also extremely useful in reducing stool related problems. It also supports when you suffer from constipation. Doctors often recommend fluids and water intake as one the best ways to treat your constipation. It ensures smooth bowel movements.
  • Water is highly helpful in treating kidney related problems and it also helps in the good functioning of the kidney. If you are suffering from kidney stones, then water might be your aid. Excess water intakes led to frequent urine passing. This removes toxins and prevents crystallization.
  • Another important thing is that it has a lot of nutrients which your body requires. They play a very important role in ensuring your body functions properly.
  • Water is proven to be the one which people run to escape a hangover. So use water when you have it.
  • Another important help which it offers is it corrects your bad breath.
  • A lot of beauticians recommend water. This is because water helps you in increasing your complexion. It also makes your face look good and is good for your hair and nails.
  • Water prevents and reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • If you are in a bad mood drink water. It is said that water can help you gain a good mood.
  • It also reduces back pains. If you have sprains and other pains take water which is highly helpful.
  • It also helps in regulating body temperature levels to a very large extent.


We would have seen our elders constantly nagging us to rain seated while we take water. So now you would have understood the reason behind it. Also, make it a point that your body gets enough water. At least 8 glasses of water will be required in order to keep yourself hydrated. Hope you hereafter correct your water drinking habits.

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