Things You Should Know About Facebook Redesigned Messenger App

Messenger has been a major source of revenue to Facebook. Approximately about 1.3 million people are found to use messenger. It was launched officially in 2008. From then on the messenger app has met with a lot of improvements. Facebook has now launched its redesigned version of messenger recently. The redesigned version of the messenger has modified various features in order to make it simple.

Some of the features and things you will have to know about the redesigned Facebook’s messenger app are listed below,

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The all-new dark mode

Though Facebook hasn’t said briefly about this option, still a lot of people are already excited about it. But it’s a sure thing that the dark mode can be seen in all your messenger apps very soon. So get ready to have it in your phones.

Color gradient

This is another beautiful feature which Facebook has come forward with. You might be able to change the color of the chat. But now you will have to choose a gradient color. This color changes into a whole new color once you start to scroll. However, you can change the color of the gradient as per your wish.

You will have to choose the name of the person or group. After which the settings option will open. From where you can change the color according to your choice. You can also give nicknames, emoji to the person name and customize it the way you want.

Let’s make it just three

Earlier there were a number of tables which helped in using the app. But now Facebook has taken it forward and reduced to three. For this, Facebook says “less is more”. The three tabs which the Facebook’ messenger 4 carries along with are as follows,

  • Chat
  • People and
  • Discover

Chat happens to be the place where you can view people’s stories. You can also have access to all your contacts here. Also, you can view all the recent chats which you had with your friends and family.

Then you have the people tab. Here you can view all the recent updates that your friend has made to her Facebook page. Be it the last night party which your friend has attended or the pics were taken on her tour to the States, you can view it all here. Apart from this the people tab also allows you to see who is online or who is active.

Third in the list is the discover tab. This is the place where you can find a variety of people. You can explore and interact with new people. You can make up new people or catch the client for your upcoming business. You can interact and find new besties online. This also happens to be your gaming platform. You can play games and forget all your stress here.

A change in the chat features

Another important development which has grabbed the spotlight is the moved chat feature. Earlier, that is prior to the developments the share and other options were visible. But a change has been made to it. That is, it has now been placed at a different location. It has been moved behind the four dots and can be found at the top of your keypad.

Conversation controls

The next major advancement which Facebook has brought about has made it, even better and simpler. Now you can simply swipe in order to have access to a number of options. In other words, the chat tab usage has been simplified.

  A swipe to the left will bring you options such menu button, mute button, and the delete option. On the other hand, a swipe to the right will offer options like camera, voice call, and video call.

Now you can simply swipe to video call or voice call your friend. Also, a swipe to the right allows you to delete the selected chat. This developed feature sounds to be extremely helpful to its users.

Despite the above changes Facebook also claims that it hasn’t altered or completely changed the basis of the app. But it has only changed things here and there in order to help users derive the maximum benefit from it. You can still use it to chat with your family, hold online group meets and all the other activities you were doing earlier.

Facebook hasn’t removed any feature. It has only improved it by removing its shortcomings. This has been ultimately made to make it simple and user-friendly. It might take some time to get used to the new version. But I hope that you find it useful and helpful. Facebook also says that it might bring about new changes in the future. Having a large number of the user base, we hope Facebook continues to attract even more in the coming years.

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