Google Search Console Updates for SEO expert

Driving traffic to your site might be a major concern. But Google has a readymade solution for that problem of yours. Google’s search engine console has been of great help to webmasters, SEO specialists and a bunch of others.

For everyone wondering what Google search console here you go,

Google search console is nothing but one stop solution for all your web related issues. It provides tools that will help you have a check on your website’s performance. All you have to do is use Google search console. Yes, Google requires you to login in order to use it.

Google webmaster tools and Google webmaster console are some of its former names. Having its birth in 2015 it is now called Google search console.

Some of the major features of the Google console are being listed below,

  • Data crawling
  • Technical status updates
  • Information search appearances

Why should you use Google search console?

  • To analyze the way your content is being viewed. It helps you to understand your customers and the type of articles they require. It provides with queries which brought the surfers to your site.
  • You can also optimize your content. In this way, you can take steps to optimize your content.
  • If in case your website meets with unexpected issues it can be sorted out. Google alerts if at all there is any problem after which you can fix it.
  • You can also find out the reasons why you are not getting on the top of searches.

It is a matter of fact that updates are made more frequently. But it might be difficult to catch up with those. But I hope that this post keeps you aware of the recent updates.

So the recent Google search console updates include,

URL inspection is handy

This has been added to the list most recently. Yet it performs a more useful service. One of the most important services is it helps you with URL analyses. Even the minute problems can be fixed.

This had been a major help to stop Google crawling. Apart from this, it protects pages such as fetch as google from appearing. If in case any errors are spotted it will be useful in removing.

Utilize the Index coverage report

This has been a major setting that removes crawling and indexing errors. The main function of this is to report problems relating to the sitemaps. It provides the report related to performance and indexing.

However, it holds a countable number of shortages as well. One of the major issues is its limited number of rows. This option happens to limit itself to 1000 rows or URLs.

Another one is its lame explanation. Often the explanation produced for the problem is irritating. Even for the simple reason, it might show an error.

Some of the major options that Google is planning to deprecate

●       Fetch as Google

Google has decided to give up on fetch as Google. It was as per the announcement as on March 2019. Some of the functions of this cannot be displaced.

●       HTML improvements

There has been nothing related as to the date when it’s planned to be dropped. The reason as to why it’s deprecated is because of its limited information. It gives you only minimum information regarding the on page sightings.

Tag and meta inscription is also a problem. There also relies on flagging issues making them a real headache.

●       Property sets

This is also laid down on March. The main reason Google ditched this is that there are a few fan base attached to it. Property sets to gather individual search console properties together.

However, Domain property is launched by Google as a replacement to it. It broadens the scope of usage and gives a lot of other uses. It also reduces the need for creating separate properties.

●       Android apps

As the job of Android apps has been done by firebase, it has been deprecated. It will be put down in March.

Other important must know pointers are below,

  • Search analytics has been replaced with a better tool. With the launch of UI, there has been a better report provided.
  • The report consists of an impression, CTR, click, decide level, etc.
  • Date comparison is kind of a mess. But there is an option to improve it. Google analytics can be the best saver.
  • It’s a fact that the search console can give you organic results. But it is tedious to introduce filters each and every time.

Even if you are not a user of it Google search console updates are healthy to know about it. Keep yourself well aware of its updates. Among all the ways Google search console is one way you can rely upon to reach your targeted audience. You can also refer to Google’s official site for more information regarding its usage.

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