Showbox May Not Work In Some Regions

What Is Showbox?

Showbox is a multitasking app where one can enjoy free movies and TV shows all in one app. It is just like having all the features of Netflix, Vudu, Amazon prime video and HBO all in one app. Nowadays it is one most popular app streaming in android app. One can use it in their Smartphone’s, tablets, and computers. Even the PC version of it is there which allow easy use of Showbox app on Mac devices and Kindle Fire.

  • How To Install The App :

Use of the Showbox app is very easy and simple. One can easily download the videos when watching it offline or even in online peer-to-peer and non-peer-to-peer depending upon their comfort and time. The only issues that come with this app are from which source you are downloading it. As this app is designed in such a way that it becomes easy for one to watch pirated content very comfortably. So, one won’t find this app so easily in the Google play store similar to like other apps, where downloading and installing apps are very simple. One can download this Showbox only via third-party sites.

Is Showbox Legal And Safe To Use?

Showbox is an app used by thousands of people worldwide. People who are mad for watching movies and TV show might be knowing about it. And the people who have no idea about it might have known till now what is Showbox app? till now one might have a clear cut idea about this app that this app is not legal as it streams pirated videos without any permission of the original video creator. If it is not legal that doesn’t mean that it is not safe to use. One should understand the difference between not being legal and being safe, both are two different things. Showbox is not legal that doesn’t mean that it is not safe. Instead, it is fully safe to use Showbox as it is used by millions of users in the worldwide. So according to this, one will not face any sort of issues on basis of security.

1) Recent Update Of The App :

  • According to the recent updates and informing, last year in the month of November the app as well as the server faced few problems and was shut down to some legal issues. Still, then it was back again to the source by mid of December but in some regions, the Showbox server is down. And still, now that problem has not been resolved yet.
  • As the app has no proper website or any developers to which one can contact with problems they are facing. But as it has come to notice through social media i.e., twitter that these app developers are facing some legal issues due to which it has been down in some regions due to a server problem.
  • And this problem has been sort out for now but that too is a temporary use it is the permanent basis. And from the developers, the information has come that this problem may again arise so one should be prepared for it and hoping to get it solved as soon as possible.

2) Prons And Cons Of The Showbox App :

  • As all these problems are going on, and there is no support for it. In that case, if something goes wrong with the phone during the use of Showbox app than the user of the phones himself is responsible for that.
  • Unless he himself is not 100 percent sure about the third party site is a trustworthy source from which he has downloaded the app. Therefore it is recommended for the user to download the Showbox app if only they have the full knowledge about their phone like both ins and outs.
  • And other than that, a few users have also have given negative reviews related to Showbox app after the shutdown like broken subtitles, audio issue while watching the videos, pop-up ads, the bad video quality of the box and many more.
  • The only biggest problem user should be aware of is as it has no proper website or downloaded the app so before downloading it do a proper study on it and see all the online videos related to it YouTube and do a wise work in downloading from a trustworthy site. 

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