Things to remember for a perfect celebration

A celebration is not just about happiness

It’s about the reflection of yourself,

Love, affection, and family.

Earlier when I was surfing over Google I found the above quote and fell in love with it. Despite the gifts and presents its all about the love and spirit of the Christmas festival that makes it even more special for each one of us. It is at this time of the year most of us unite with our family. Meet our friends after a long year. So it’s more than just a celebration.

Making this festival special is really important to many. In that case, I will list down a few tips or points that will help you to make this celebration of yours a perfect one.

Start brainstorming

Begin your celebration with a good plan. A plan will give you an idea about how to proceed with your time and money. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your whole holiday. Take a paper and not down everything you wish to do. Plan for things like

  • The budget or amount you are going to spend
  • Where you are going to celebrate
  • With whom and other things as well
  • Which are the places you are going to visit and
  • How long would you like to go on a holiday

Get things ready

If you have planned for a long holiday then it is beneficial if you get everything sorted out beforehand. Get your clothes and groceries ready. Also, make sure that you take a leave from the work schedule.

Make sure that the celebration happens to be a stress buster and not a stress creator. Inform the people whom you have planned to make a visit. Also, make necessary arrangements for your travel and flight tickets if any.

Have some fun

If you have ideas of spending this vacation all by yourself, then start picking things that would entertain you. It may books or music or movies. Have it ready. Make a list of movies and songs and shop them if you don’t have any.

Let it be a family time

Don’t distance yourself from your friends and family. Though you want to spend all the time for yourself, paying a visit then and there will not cost you much. Whereas it will give you a lot of happiness. Get them the gifts. Try connecting or hanging out with your long lost friends.

Forgive and forget

Celebrations are the times where anger fades away and love makes its way. So give up on your anger. If you have to ask sorry, then don’t hesitate to make the move. Don’t let that anger or guilt of yours to spoil your holidays or Christmas.

Volunteer yourself

Celebrations or any holidays for that matter is the right time to take up some social welfare activities. Make a visit to orphanages and old age homes. Spending time with them will bring you joy and happiness in abundance making it a perfect Christmas.

Some other things which can be avoided or performed by you are summarized below. Just skim through it

  • Make some cookies or bake some cakes and share it with your neighbors.
  • Take a walk along your neighborhood and enjoy the scenery of well-decorated homes. You can also have a drive and enjoy the view.
  • Go on Christmas carols. Call your friends and start going from house to house.
  • Dive into the mood of Christmas. Decorate your house and make it beautiful. Get some candles and a Christmas tree. Spend your time making handicrafts and placing it under the tree.
  • Get along with nature. Spend your mornings with a cup of tea and listen to the birds chirping. Walk along the gardens and inhale the sweet scent of flowers.
  • Don’t do last minute shopping. It will always make you get tensed. List down your requirements well before and go shopping.
  • Avoid planning beyond your budget. This is really important or it will make you land up in chaos even after the celebrations are over.
  • You can also write for the unknown person who longs for love. You can also write a letter to a soldier.
  • Be thankful and show your gratitude in everything you do.
  • Attend a Christmas mass if possible.
  • Remember to chill out in the snow.
  • Go for parties and dinner nights with your friends and loved ones.
  • Follow some Christmas traditions.

About ninety-five percent of the Americans claim that they celebrate Christmas as per the survey by New Pew Research Centre. The role that religion has to play with Christmas is declining nowadays and people have started viewing it as a celebration of love and families. Everyone has started to celebrate it irrespective of their age. So make it as special as possible that you are delighted each time you travel down your memory lane to think about those.

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