Face-off icons: Find what is Unknown

Every coin has two sides and it is true so with the today’s very common mass connecting platform i.e. social media. We all are aware of this word as it is a part of our day-to-day life. We spend around 3-4 hours daily on this platform connecting with our school friends, our relatives or even our partners. So, we are acquainted with the usage of these social media stuff as well as the social media icons. However, we are unaware of the consequences of these icons, so let us see which is unenlightened.

Demerits post usage of these icons by the users:

As mentioned above we are familiar with the pros of using these icons we are now going to focus on the demerits of the same that how instead of giving us profit these can mar the chances of getting profit hikes.

  • These icons hinder the performance:

    Yes! It is true that these icons hinder your performance. Let us see how in this busy world everyone wants to save time and everyone wants everything to be fast i.e. working should be done within seconds with just one click; same is with the sales and the profit of the biggest brands.

Wondering how! It is because according to a recent survey what the people found that many big e-commerce giants suffered sales drop by 1% due to delay in loading of the page. Yes, due to delay in loading.

This is the drawback of these icons, as they cause an increase in the loading time due to which the customers, trying to visit the sites just get frustrated with sites loading time.

As a result, they leave the search or purchase from that particular site and visit some other one having less loading time. Hence a big loss to the big giants, although big giants 1% loss is not a big loss for them but for smaller companies it is a matter of shock and a great loss.

  • Customers lose their interest in your content:

    Why we add these icons, we add them so that maximum people can connect with us, like our content and share them up. But, what if your content is fine and you do not get many likes or no likes even after using these icons.

This simply means loss of interest in customers in connecting with you. Why so, take an example of thyself, everyone watches the video on YouTube that is highly recommended or get a maximum number of likes or comments is there anyone who would be interested in watching a video with no like.

The answer is no as it is a human mindset, we will think that the video might be boring or not worthy enough to get a like so no need to waste time watching it.

This is the case with the promotion of brands using these icons too that even if the content is good and even after adding icons you are not getting many likes the people will not consider what you have or what you are selling thereby you will lose traffic from your site and will suffer a huge loss. So, focus on adding up rich content than adding up more icons.

  • Search privacy at stake:

    As we all are aware of cookies, the popup often comes when we visit any site, that “This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information. Accept cookies for optimal performance” and these don’t vanish until we accept/deny so what these cookies do is they keep a track of browsing history that what we are surfing such as like and share button in Facebook. So, all the surfing information of the user is at stake.

As we are now acquainted with the cons of these we need to be conscious enough before using these icons, however, it completely depends upon the user.

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